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Solid Resources Fee/Extra Capacity Charge (SRF/ECC)

Article 6.1, Section 66.41 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code imposes a monthly Solid Resources Fee (SRF) set forth by the City Council on all residential dwellings in the City of Los Angeles.

Effective September 1, 2008, the City Council amended the monthly Solid Resources Fee to be $36.32 for all single-family dwellings and for each unit of a duplex. A monthly Solid Resources Fee of $24.33 is also charged to those multi- family dwellings serviced by the Bureau of Sanitation. This fee may vary slightly on a monthly basis depending on the number of working days in each month.

Single family dwellings are defined as a building designed for residential occupancy, and containing one or two dwelling units (duplexes).  This is interpreted so that free-standing detached dwellings (including those part of a townhome or condominium development) will be charged the monthly Single Family Dwelling Rate ($36.32)

Multiple family dwellings are defined as any building, structure, unit, or location designed for residential occupancy, exclusive of “Single Family Dwellings”.  These are typically apartments, townhomes, and condominiums with units being attached most commonly by a shared wall, enclosed laundry or utility room.  There may be other variations on building attachments which may require inspection and review of Building & Safety records.   These units (as well as Mobile homes) are charged the monthly Multiple-Family Dwelling rate of $24.33.

It is not uncommon for multiple units of a housing complex or property to be charged differing rates depending on whether they are detached dwellings, duplexes, or multiple-family dwellings.

The Solid Resources Fee not only funds the collection of solid waste, it pays for salaries, direct and indirect overhead, equipment, ancillary equipment, refuse and recycling containers and vehicles, landfill costs, whether for disposal or for resource recovery facilities or refuse to energy and fuel facilities or closure of City owned facilities, development, acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance of equipment, alternative fuel infrastructure, buildings or facilities used in the collection, recycling, recovery of waste resources and/or disposal of solid waste or storage of solid waste related equipment, transfer facilities, resource recovery facilities or transfer equipment, maintenance of transfer facilities or equipment, or for facilities and equipment used in the recovery of waste resources in the form of energy, alternative fuels or manufacturing feedstocks.

Since the Solid Resources Fee funds more than just refuse collection, the fee is still applied - even if your dwelling produces little or no refuse waste.  SRF fees are automatically applied to your DWP utility bill or may even be billed separately through the Director of Finance in the case of non-DWP utility customers. If applied via the DWP bill, the amount of the SRF appearing on the bill would be equal to two month’s worth of SRF charges as a result of the bi-monthly distribution cycle of the DWP statements.

In addition to the SRF per dwelling, the amount of the SRF displayed on the DWP bill may include charges for other Solid Resources related fees, such as the Extra Capacity Charge. The standard container allotment for single-family dwellings and each unit of a duplex based on the SRF is one 60-gallon black container for refuse; one 90-gallon green container for yard trimmings; one 90 gallon blue container for recyclables.  The standard allowance for multi-family dwellings is one 60-gallon black container per dwelling unit for refuse; one 90 gallon green container for yard trimmings for the lot; one 90-gallon blue container for recyclables for every four units. 

For residences that generate more material on a weekly basis than will fit into the standard allotment of containers, Extra Capacity containers are available. A $5.00 per month fee will be charged for each 30-gallon increment of extra capacity of refuse made available to a dwelling unit beyond the standard allotment for a minimum of six months. This Extra Capacity Charge will be added to and included in the overall SRF amount displayed on the DWP bill. For example, if you live in a single-family dwelling and use a 90 gallon black container instead of a 60 gallon black container, your SRF will be $41.32 per month ($36.32 + $5.00).

A $2.50 per month fee will be charged for each 30-gallon increment of extra capacity of yard trimmings made available to a dwelling unit beyond the standard allotment, for a minimum of six months. 

There is no extra capacity charge for a blue recyclables container.

There is no standard allowance for Horse Manure containers. To obtain a brown horse manure container the charge is $10.00 per month per 60 gallons, for a minimum of six months. You could also send us your Extra Capacity request by clicking on the Service Website Site indicated below. Fill out and submit the Service Request form. The Service Request form takes two days to be processed. The delivery/service of containers occur the day after your trash day. For example, for Monday trash collection, we will deliver/service your container on Tuesday.

Sanitation Lifeline Recertification

Lifeline customers, because of age or disability, and low-income status, receive a discounted rate for the Solid Resources Fee – otherwise known as the “trash fee”. All lifeline customer eligibility needs to be verified every two years to determine if the discounted rate should continue.

Click on the link to download the Lifeline Recertification Form.
For current Lifeline customers click on the link to download the Sanitation Recertification Letter, which includes lifeline rates, in English or Spanish version.


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